Winning at Fairy's Fortune Slots

There are two kinds of players at the casinos; those that want to win real money and play for big bucks, and those like me, which play for fun and are happy winning anything. The high rollers go in with a big roll to start. That's not me. I play for fun. I figure I spend twenty dollars for dinner or a movie, so if I spend it on the slot machine its okay. Butif I leave the Casino with my twenty and a few dollars more that is what I call playing smart.

When I visit the casino I see players clutching good luck pieces, rubbing the screen, making the sign of the cross, and other superstitious rituals that may or may not bring them luck. I've talked with players some of whom seem to always win more than they lose. I began studying the machines and the casinos and the players to develop a strategy that works, at least for me.

So how does one play smart at the slots? First always sign up and use a player's card. Yes, that means the casino can track and see what you are playing, but it also means they know who to give free stuff to. It might be free parking, a free meal or entry into a drawing for a chance to win a car or a million dollars.

Next, if it is a machine that is new to you, read how it works. I know you are anxious to get to business, but you are there to win, not lose money, so make sure you understand the rules of the game. Also some machines are programmed to spin when you put in the number of lines you wish to play. If the person who played the game before you played 25 cents or a $1.00 and you sit down and push the 5 line button, the machine will spin before you get to push the amount of your bet. You may have only wanted to play 5 cents, but the machine just deducted a $1.00, so push the money amount first, then the number of lines.

Next check the requirement to win the jackpot. If you are sitting at a machine that boasts a large dollar jackpot or one of the progressive jack pot machines, understand how much you have to play to win. If you aren't willing to play that amount, don't sit at this type of game. Nothing can ruin your trip than coming up with a spin that would have won the million dollars if you had played three quarters needed instead of one.

Since I play for fun, I tend to choose the cutesy games, the ones that are interactive, like Fairy's Fortune, Lill' Lady, Big Bass Fishing Hole, etc. They all work basically the same. For instance in Fairy's Fortune when you hit three moons on the first , third and fifth reel it triggers the Fairy Fortune Bonus where you get to choose from 18 objects until the star maiden is found. Each object chosen is worth a different amount of money. Most people are right handed, so most people pick from the right hand side of the screen. You will receive a much larger payout if you chose from the objects on the left side of the screen. This works on Big Bass Fishing Hole, and other games in which you are asked to select an item for a bonus.

Last I would caution never play if you need money and never play with money you can't afford to lose. Take only cash into the casino with you and leave your credit/debit cards at home. The casinos are set up to make money by taking yours. Slots can be fun, but play smart and stay in control.