They Call Me the "Slot Queen"

When I am at a casino people follow me around and ask about my "secrets". I am always happy to share. I've been playing slots for years at many different places. I've figured a few things out along the way.Make friends with the Floor Attendents. Chat with them. Tip them if they watch your machine while you use the restroom. They will tell you if the machines you are interested in playing have "hit" recently.

Watch the regular players. If the regulars are playing certain machines you know those machines are the good machines.

Watch for machines getting lots of play. Machines pay out after a certain amount has been paid in. Makes sense.

Choose machines that allow you to choose the denomination – .25/.50/1.00. Start with the lowest denomination to prime the machine. Play .25 on all three different credit choices until you have played at least thirty times for each credit. Move to .50 per credit and do the same. Mix it up a little and go back to .25 for a few spins. Then, concentrate on .50 on each credit until you win. This is very important; once you win any combination of "double, triple" anything move to a different credit. Very rarely do machines hit a "double, triple" anything on the same credit twice.

More to come. Stay tuned.