Poker Tables

Poker tables are a man’s best friend. Yeah, we tend to like dogs and beer and beef jerky and football, but poker truly separates the men from the boys, the players from the pretenders, and the strong from the weak. Moreover, it’s an incredibly fun game that enhances friendships and adds a little variety to an otherwise typical weekend.

When I was growing up, my parents would play poker with their friends using the kitchen table. They had fun but consistently complained about having to play on that table. It just didn’t feel right for them or others playing on the table. The kitchen table is for eating dinner, discussing family issues, and having pointless arguments about whose turn it is to wash the dishes. Save the bluffing, head games, booze, and testosterone for the poker tables.


Poker Tables for the Space Conscious

My parents were reluctant to buy poker tables because they didn’t have room in their house for one. With three kids, three dogs and a cat, the house was packed full of toys, furniture, appliances, and plenty of other things for three kids to ruin. A poker table would have surely fallen victim to one of my many shenanigans.

My parents eventually made a compromise and purchased a fold away poker table. They were able to store it in an area of the garage, an area safe from my rambunctious hands. I eventually inherited this poker table and took it with me to college where I protected it like it was my first born child. Today I own a high roller full-size Texas hold’em table that doubles as a decorative piece of furniture.