Online Poker Tournaments

The online community has embraced poker and built a whole internet subculture around it. Veteran enthusiasts and recent converts alike realized that the Web had the capacity to transform their hobby, as it had so many others. Poker no longer needed to be about having a group of friends who lived nearby; it became a pastime aligned along the lines of passion and not geography.

So as more and more poker is played in cyberspace, it makes sense that online poker begins to mimic the analog world in other ways as well. Online poker tournaments have cropped up, allowing the best online poker players to compete against each other without having to spring for airfare and hotel costs. These tournaments attract stellar players and the pots that are won can be large indeed.


Democracy in Action

There is something pure about a tournament in which the opponents need not even be in the same space to compete against one another. These online tournaments are true meritocracies, where one's appearance, background and experience do not matter. The only thing that determines the winner is the quality of his or her play.

Poker sites provide all the relevant details about the various online poker tournaments being held. There are tournaments for players of all skill levels and financial means. Online poker tournaments have not yet reached the level of importance of the World Series of Poker, but at the rate they are growing, that day might not be far off.