How to Win in Blackjack Everytime

IntroductionBlackjack is a game; that most people think is based on pure luck; that is where you are wrong. With the tips listed below; blackjack is a game that all odds are for you!

I suppose that you all know how to play Blackjack so I will jump into the strategy!

Always remember that the house always wins the pot if the player and the dealer goes bust!


Remember which area of the game you want to exploit. If you get a natural the dealer is usually pays 1.5:1. Luckily, if the dealer gets a natural, you only lose your bet at 1:1, however if you had insurance you can get out for free. Correctly exploited; you could use these to your advantage!

Learn the game thoroughly; learn which cards that are useful to you and what cards are useful to the house or dealer. The smaller numbered cards benefits the dealer. However the house is most likely to win with smaller cards; always remember that if you don't get blackjack; this is normal as; as a player this is extremely rare.

Larger cards; definitely benefit you because if the dealer receives large cards and hits fifteen then the dealer will have to hit; which most likely will end up in the dealer going bust.

Another critical method is to learn the high and low method of counting cards. In short, every low card (2 and 6) is assigned a value of +1, every high card (10 and A) is assigned a value of -1. Other cards are neutral. If you have a high point value, then the odds are for you and against the dealer; the dealer still has to hit until he/her reaches 17; this means that the dealer will easily bust.

Online Blackjack

Online blackjack is one the rise; and where there is people there is money. This meaning that there are an endless supply of applications and software that does all of this for you. Meaning that you will be literally impossible to stop! However on some gambling sites; this may be forbidden so you may want to read the terms and conditions on some websites; or you may be kicked out!


If you are serious about winning; practise counting cards to death! Remember, that if you practise your time spent will not go to waste; as practice makes perfect. Bring all of these listed strategies above into a real casino; as you will be surprised how you can win with minimal effort!