How to Tell If Someone Has a Gambling Problem

Are you a hard-core gambler? Do you have a problem?When I'm at the casino, usually I am there a lot out of the week, and I always see the same people gambling their money away. At first it's hard to tell who is there just to have fun, and who has a problem. But if anyone stays at a casino long enough, it is easy to spot the problem gambler. These people seem to have big problem! I am there at the casino a lot myself so I know, because I see it with my own two eyes first hand. I mean, how some of these gamblers are, by that I mean is how they become at the casino, an especially when they loose. They become extreme annoy, and start taking it out on other people around them an a specially the dealer. There are many sign of a problem gambler, they are very easy to detect because it is not normal behave that they show. There are three mean things, If your there gambling all the time, expect to win back all the money you lost, and get mad when you lose, you have a problem.

When someone has a problem, you can usually tell through their face expression, the same rules apply to anything in life. There are some easy ways to tell if someone might have a problem in gambling. Number one, If your at the casino so long that you loose track of time, forgot to eat dinner, so you pull out your casino club card and ask for comps, but you don't have enough credit so you gambler some more till you get enough. Number two, if your gambling for so long that you start to off asleep in the middle of a live game, and the dealer has to wake you up every now and than to make the decision that the dealer can't make on your behalf. Number three if you just don't know when to quit, and stay there for a few days wearing the same thing. They are always smelly and mean. They yell, hit the tables, and talk shit to the dealer and other players.

Those are the easiest things to spot, but it is what happens at home that is the real danger lies. Only one person can truly tell if they have a problem or not and that is themselves.