How Do Casinos Control the Slots?

A few common misunderstandings have been carried in and out of casinos all over the United States about how casinos control the slot machines. As a regular writer about casino related articles, I have always wondered where some of the rumors have started that have led people think about certain ways that casinos control slot machines.I would like to start off by stating that there is not a room in a casino where casino bosses can press a button to loosen or tighten the slot machines. There is not a control panel anywhere in the casinos that give the big wheels of the casinos complete control over the slot machines.

Now I am sure that there has to be some kind of suspicion when a very pretty lady strikes a jackpot on a particular slot machine. I am sure that patrons in the area might think that someone flipped a switch somewhere in a dark room in the bowels of the casino. This is simply not true.

When talking about how casinos control the slot machines, I have heard some people state that slot machines are looser during the week than they are during the weekend. To orchestrate some kind of move like this, it would take hundreds of slot technicians hours to get around to all of the slot machines. This leads us to the actual way that casinos control slot machines.

In reality, if the casinos needs to change the looseness of a slot, it has to send a slot machine technician to that specific machine to make the internal adjustments to it. There are switches or dials that are attached directly to the internal workings of the slot machine that adjust how likely the machine will pay off.

Now, there is a room in just about every casino in the world that allows the technicians and security monitor every single one of the slot machines. The information only travels in one direction, though. The information flows from the slot machines to these computers. Signals cannot go the other way.

The Nevada Gaming Commission, and other state's gaming boards, would not be happy to hear that some casino had a direct way of controlling the slot machines from one centralized location. Also, the casinos would not want this as it would set up a strong chance for someone to give a great payoff to a friend or family member.

Keep these ideas the next time you hear someone ask, "How do casinos control the slots?" Realize that most of the possible answers to this question are based in basic paranoia. Remember this article when you give your answer to the question.