Guide to Playing Slots

See the source imageEasily one of the most popular forms of gambling both in casinos and online is slots.With many of the other games in a casino involving interaction and high stakes, slots provide a bit of solitude for those seeking just that.

Slots allow gamers to chose how high or low stakes they want to go. Some casinos and online slots sites offer wagers as low as a penny and nickel and ranging as high as one can imagine.

Your goal as a gambler in slots is to hit the winning combinations listed on the front of the machine. Each machine will have different combinations for an escalating scale for winning. So fully read and understand the rules and prizes before plunking your change or tokens into the machine.

Increasing your wager will also increase your winnings. For example, if you hit the single BAR on quarter slots, it could pay out a dollar on a 25 cent, or one-credit bet. If you had bet 50 cents, or-two credits that would have paid out $2, 75 cents pays out $3, so on and so forth.

One of the hottest portions of the slots business is poker. The rules of poker apply to these slots. Poker slots are often video slot machines which offer a gamer many different versions of poker to play. As with the normal slots, read the rules listed on the outside of the machine or on the screen before feeding it your hard-earned coins.

Once again the appeal of video or slot poker appeals to gamers who like to go at their own pace, take a breather, have a drink or people watch for a few seconds or minutes before continuing. Playing cards at a table would require diligent attention and offer less flexibility.

Most people have either played with or seen a slot machine and those who have not can pick up on the practice quite easily. Nonetheless here are some quick hints and tips on the terminology you may see when using slots.

A button will usually say “Place bet.” This will usually be defaulted to one bet; therefore as in the above example, you would place a one-credit, 25 cent bet. You can increase the bet by hitting the button as many times until you hit the maximum bet of that particular machine. But be warned, with some machines if you wish to go back to one credit you will have to hit the button until a one-credit bet is shown on the screen since some machines default to the last wager. You may also simply hit MAX BET if you would like to avoid numerous button pushing.

You can either pull the lever or hit a button that probably says SPIN on the front of the machine. Either way will spin the wheels.

You may either cash out your winnings and feed the machine each time or allow it to keep track of your winnings and hit CASH OUT to receive your coins.

As always, have fun, good luck and bet wisely!