Gambling Equipment

Alright, pack up your gambling equipment and get some rest. Tomorrow will be a long night of spinning, bluffing, raising, checking, drinking, smoking, pushing, and celebrating. I know it sounds tough; not everyone can handle this type of pressure. That's why you were chosen. You have the courage, tenacity, and intelligence to not only recognize a good time, but actually create one for yourself.

Calling gaming supplies "gambling equipment" makes the whole thing sound like hiking or white water rafting. While I enjoy both of these activities, I would hardly lump them into the same category. My gambling equipment consists of my cards, my poker table, my diamond poker chips, my poker chip carousel, my dealing shoes, my dice, and a few other things I can't remember.


What is Gambling Equipment?

Again, equipment and gambling do not belong in the same sentence, but many gamblers insist on formalizing the hobby. For many, gambling isn't simply a hobby; it's a career choice. There are a handful of professional poker players and blackjack players who make a living on the gaming tables. They carefully calculate odds and stick to well-defined routines.

To be a successful professional gambler, you have to have remarkable discipline. As the Kenny Rogers song goes, "You got to know when to walk away and know when to run." This is the most important rule of gambling–knowing when to quit. Someone needs to create a piece of gambling equipment that tells people when to get up from the table and leave.