Poker Software

There are a plethora of opportunities that the Internet provides to play poker against real live opponents–for money and for fun. Despite this, many people prefer to practice their game in a relative vacuum. Desperate to keep up with the public’s insatiable desire for all things poker, many software developers have come up with poker software that allows just this type of solo exploration of the sport.

Poker software is available for both Macs and PCs, as well as on most video game consoles. These software packages offer many different games, but tend to focus on Texas Holdem, the undisputed champion of current poker trends. Learning from and practicing on this software allows players to proceed at their own pace, without feeling any pressure from other opponents.

Play to Win

Some of these poker software programs do allow for multi-player games, so budding gamblers can test their mettle against their peers when they are good and ready. When connected via voice programs such as those in Xbox live, players can even talk to each other as they play. Unfortunately, most store-bought poker software does not allow competition for real money.

Online gambling casinos sometimes offer free software to download in order to play poker and other games at their sites. In these cases, installing the software on the player’s computer speeds up games considerably and is used more as a means to an end rather than a stand-alone consumer product. When this casino form of poker software is used, players can compete against one another for real money.…

13 Gram Poker Chips

13 gram poker chips are the heaviest chips available on the market. They feel like casino quality chips because they usually are casino quality. In fact, 13 gram poker chips are typically better than what most casinos use. Most casinos use the 11.5 gram chips that are 39mm in diameter. The 13 gram chips are a little heavier and usually a little more durable.

Durability is an important factor in determining what kind of poker chip to buy, especially if you play frequently. Those of you who regularly host poker games should make sure your chips can withstand the consistent handling. Human hands can be a destructive force, carrying with them millions of germs and other degrading substances. Poker chips are often handled aggressively, and the cheap ones just may fall victim to a poor loser.


Where to Buy 13 Gram Poker Chips

You can find 13 gram poker chips at casinos, novelty stores, gaming stores, and online gaming stores. The latter, online gaming stores, are popping up all over the Internet. If you don’t feel like driving to a gaming or novelty store, look and see what you can find on the Internet. However, be careful, do a little research, and don’t settle on a store that is not recommended by other poker enthusiasts.

Your 13 gram chips will round out your poker set. If you decide to spring for the good clay poker chips, be a sport and spring for the good poker table and all the other accessories. Believe me, good poker supplies make all the difference in the world. Don’t short change your game.…

Online Poker Tournaments

The online community has embraced poker and built a whole internet subculture around it. Veteran enthusiasts and recent converts alike realized that the Web had the capacity to transform their hobby, as it had so many others. Poker no longer needed to be about having a group of friends who lived nearby; it became a pastime aligned along the lines of passion and not geography.

So as more and more poker is played in cyberspace, it makes sense that online poker begins to mimic the analog world in other ways as well. Online poker tournaments have cropped up, allowing the best online poker players to compete against each other without having to spring for airfare and hotel costs. These tournaments attract stellar players and the pots that are won can be large indeed.


Democracy in Action

There is something pure about a tournament in which the opponents need not even be in the same space to compete against one another. These online tournaments are true meritocracies, where one's appearance, background and experience do not matter. The only thing that determines the winner is the quality of his or her play.

Poker sites provide all the relevant details about the various online poker tournaments being held. There are tournaments for players of all skill levels and financial means. Online poker tournaments have not yet reached the level of importance of the World Series of Poker, but at the rate they are growing, that day might not be far off.…

Poker Tables

Poker tables are a man’s best friend. Yeah, we tend to like dogs and beer and beef jerky and football, but poker truly separates the men from the boys, the players from the pretenders, and the strong from the weak. Moreover, it’s an incredibly fun game that enhances friendships and adds a little variety to an otherwise typical weekend.

When I was growing up, my parents would play poker with their friends using the kitchen table. They had fun but consistently complained about having to play on that table. It just didn’t feel right for them or others playing on the table. The kitchen table is for eating dinner, discussing family issues, and having pointless arguments about whose turn it is to wash the dishes. Save the bluffing, head games, booze, and testosterone for the poker tables.


Poker Tables for the Space Conscious

My parents were reluctant to buy poker tables because they didn’t have room in their house for one. With three kids, three dogs and a cat, the house was packed full of toys, furniture, appliances, and plenty of other things for three kids to ruin. A poker table would have surely fallen victim to one of my many shenanigans.

My parents eventually made a compromise and purchased a fold away poker table. They were able to store it in an area of the garage, an area safe from my rambunctious hands. I eventually inherited this poker table and took it with me to college where I protected it like it was my first born child. Today I own a high roller full-size Texas hold’em table that doubles as a decorative piece of furniture.…

Authentic Poker Chips

Many avid gamblers contend that the 11.5 gram poker chips are the true authentic poker chips. This is the most popular sized chip and the chips most Las Vegas and Atlantic City casinos use at their poker tables. Many say, "Poker chips are poker chips. Who cares what the chips are made of and how much they weigh?" That depends on who you talk to.

If you are a freshman at a state college chugging beer and smoking cheap cigars in your dorm room, plastic poker chips probably qualify as authentic poker chips. If you are a seasoned card player who owns a home, a poker table, and hosts a weekly poker game, 13 gram clay poker chips probably qualify as the real thing. Personally, I've fallen into both groups at specific points in my life.


Authentic Poker Chips Make a Difference

My personal criterion for authentic poker chips is that they be made of clay or some clay composite. These chips have a very specific feel to them and they tend to stack neatly. The real clay poker chips, however, are hard to come by these days. These poker chips have a tendency to break, even the highly compressed custom ones. To rectify this, manufacturers began making clay composite chips.

Consistency is the most important consideration when it comes to your poker chips. Informal poker players often hold on to various poker chips sets over time, frequently mixing the sets when large games form. This is not a good idea considering most sets come in different designs and colors. It's best to have one large set, even if you only play on occasion, because with poker image is everything.…

Free Video Poker

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Unlike slot machines, video poker requires a degree of skill, at least if one wishes to better his odds. In standard slot machines, there are no decisions the player can make to influence the outcome of the spin. In video poker, as in most table games, the player has a chance to better the odds of ending up with a winning hand.

Most video poker consists of variations on a standard draw game. Betting is usually not a factor, but knowing which cards to hold and discard is. Being aware of the odds of getting a particular hand increases the chances of making smart draw choices and thus winning more hands.


Jacks or Better

There are plenty of books and sites to consult for advice on knowing which cards to hold in video poker, but there is no substitute for experience. Playing hand after hand and learning from the outcomes will quickly turn a novice into a pro. With free video poker, this learning curve need not cost a dime.

The Internet has many online venues for free video poker, so a bus ticket to Atlantic City and a roll of quarters are no longer necessary. Once one gets a few hundred free video poker hands under his belt, he may wish to step up to the version of a game in which real money can be won–and lost. Free video poker makes for a safe place to experiment in an environment in which failure can be a positive learning experience and not a blow to the wallet.…

11.5 Gram Poker Chips

11.5 gram poker chips are the most popular poker chips on the market. These are the chips that most casinos and professional poker players use. If you want to upgrade your current set of chips or if you need some additional chips to accommodate your growing poker group, search for poker ships online or find a gaming store in your area.

When purchasing chips, it's important to have uniformity among your supplies. The last thing you want is a disorganized mixture of different colored poker chips. This is unprofessional and creates confusion. It's also detracts from the professionalism of the clay poker chips, if you have plastic chips sprinkled among nice clay poker chips. In addition, make sure the weight of your chips is consistent; this is a seemingly minor issue, but one that makes a difference.


Where to Find 11.5 Gram Poker Chips

If you visit Las Vegas, you can venture into any one of the casinos along the strip and personally handle 11.5 gram poker chips. Again, these are the most popular chips on the market. Over the years, gamblers and poker players have accustomed themselves to this weight of chip, usually clay or some clay composite. 11.5 gram chips stack well and feel right.

When purchasing 11.5 gram chips, you might want to consider customization. A number of avid gamers get a kick out of customizing their poker chips. Some take it very seriously and customize their chips as a means of keeping track of them. Whatever your reasons, look into getting a personalized set of poker chips that reflects your philosophy of poker.…

Texas Holdem Poker Online

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Texas Holdem poker has gone from being a relatively unknown game just two years ago to practically dominating all media coverage about casinos and gambling. Multiple television shows are devoted to watching professionals and celebrities go “all in” against each other in order to win huge pots of money–for themselves and for their charities. Movie star Ben Affleck won the California Texas Holdem championship, shining even more light on this game that was once the province of only a knowledgeable few.

The technology that allowed players’ poker hands to be photographed live with tiny cameras transformed Texas Holdem into a spectator sport. The ability to know what each player is holding turned a game that was once boring and frustrating to watch into a nail-biting, edge-of-your-seat event. This single innovation essentially introduced the world into an entire new sport that has grown exponentially in a very short time.


Don’t Mess with Texas

Many websites have cropped up that offer novices the ability to dip their toes in the poker world, but only online gambling casinos let players partake in the actual game for real money. Poker is a game about betting, and while playing with simulated chips may be diverting, it does very little to make a player better at the game. Only when there is something to lose does the true player emerge.

Texas Holdem is not as easy as the players on television make it look. Hours of practice and hand after hand of trial and error are required in order for a new player to be competitive against live opponents. It is always a good idea to play against people of a similar skill level when first starting out at this game, and never bet more than you are willing to lose.