How to Win at Online Blackjack

See the source imageEver wondered how to win at online blackjack? You may think that strategy is the key, however, there’s more to it than that. If you are wondering how to win at online blackjack, you first need to know which online blackjack sites offer the best odds.You may think that all online blackjack sites are the same, but the fact is that some offer far better and fairer odds than others. In addition, you may be surprised to learn that some are even rigged to heavily favor the online blackjack site. If you wish to know how to win at online blackjack, you simply must know where to play so you will have the best chance to succeed.

An Online Gambling Site Analyzer like can tell you how to win at online blackjack by revealing which online blackjack sites are “loose” meaning that they have the best odds, or “rigged” meaning that they are heavily titled toward the house, or online gambling site.

Still, if you want to know how to win at online blackjack, you need to familiarize yourself with the basic strategies of blackjack. There’s a reason you don’t hit on a twelve when the dealer is showing a sixteen, and if you don’t know why this is, you need to learn, or you will not have a chance to win at online blackjack.

Visit’s Winning Blackjack Strategy page to learn the best ways to improve your chances so you will know how to win at online blackjack. When it comes to online gambling, knowledge is power just as in any endeavor you attempt to succeed at.…

Blackjack Billy Release New Album

See the source imageThese boys are good. Maybe a little too good by today’s country radio standards.

Blackjack Billy would kick the butt of most acts on Music Row if Music Row was serious about doing something that wasn’t crappy pop. On their album Get Some, tight harmonies and Skynyrd-influenced guitars (though they aren’t afraid to throw a banjo in there) tear it up from this band that is obviously ready for the big time if they can get a shot. These guys sound like they live to play and play to live, with songs that are easily reproduceable on stage. On cuts like “Booze Cruise,” they make acts like Luke Bryan sound sober. And since these guys are already road dogs that tour the world, they would be a great opening act for somebody this summer.

Are you listening, Sony? Universal? People were once scared of the Beatles, Alabama, Garth…not that Blackjack Billy is in any of those categories, but it’s a different time and a different world, and these guys are just what country music needs to shake things up. Their audience is waiting if someone will take a chance on them without trying to change who they are.


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How to Be a Winner in a Blackjack Game

Have you been playing blackjack game and emerging out as a winner every time you end up playing the game? I know, the answer would bring up mixed reactions. However, the fact of the matter is that almost everyone wants to be a winner in their life in whatever they wish to do.Blackjack fun, interesting and entertaining game. Below are a few pointers which one should know before embarking his or her path to the casino, or before playing blackjack game online, in order to emerge out as a winner.

Learn and make sure you remember all the information about the basic strategies of playing blackjack. You shall never commit mathematical errors.

Before you start playing blackjack, reserve funds and make sure to sit at the tables having the right bets, so that you do not lose your money on high stakes.

It is advisable that you never bet more than 5% of your available funds. It may happen that you are on a losing streak, and the chips are not sufficient to recover those losses.

Always be prepared to lose. Never bet money with absolutely no intention of losing the game. There is no guarantee about winning when it comes to betting on any game in a casino.

Always be sure to have good manners when you are on any blackjack table, and never be offensive to the dealer. They are simply handing out the cards and doing their job. They have absolutely no control over the cards you receive.

No one should ever buy insurance when they are playing blackjack.

Always be sure to change your bet during the course of a session so that it accompanies your performance in the game. When you're winning, you should increase your bet, and when you are losing you need to lower the stakes.

Any blackjack player should know the importance of withdrawing from the game at the right time, whether they are winning or losing the game.

You should make sure that you do not appear nervous when you're inside a casino. You will find immaculate lights all over the casino, and the sound of slot machines very strong way to distract attention of the players and make them feel fascinated by the experience of the game. Do not allow the casino to have such an advantage over you in any of the games that you play.

The most terrible …

So You Wanna Be a Blackjack Dealer

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How would you like a job where people blow smoke in your face, and a few even call you names under their breath as you take their money? Add to that, the fact that you get to work on weekends, holidays, and all hours of the day and night. Welcome to the ‘glamorous’ world of casino blackjack dealing. Along with its drawbacks, however, this job can provide a comfortable income and an opportunity for world travel. It also serves as a stepping-stone in the hierarchy of casino careers.Blackjack dealers are adept at maneuvering cards, money, and casino chips; they should fully understand the rules of the game, “21.” Employees generally alternate between dealing a blackjack game for 40 to 60 minutes, and then taking a 20-minute break. Rich broke in as a casino blackjack dealer in downtown Las Vegas in the 1970s. He dealt other games as well. He was a second-generation dealer. Most Las Vegas dealers pay their dues at downtown casinos with the hope of moving on to the “the strip” to make better money at impressive venues. Rich thought dealing would be an interesting way to make a living, so he gave it a try and shares some of his experiences here.

Casino odds favor the house; therefore, dealers are expected to keep the games moving. Rich learned that point early on. There were blackjack novices on his table who asked questions, so he started to explain the finer points of the game to them. Apparently, he stopped dealing for too long-a cardinal sin in a casino. He was taken off the game by an older pit boss, “Son, you are being paid to deal, not to give long explanations. You’re costing the house money.” Needless to say, his future lessons to the customers were not long-winded, since he concentrated on keeping the game moving.

Dealers should be cautious of what they say to patrons. An elderly man and a younger woman were on one game. “Sir, where are you and your daughter from?” the dealer asked The man snarled back, “This is not my daughter; we are together.” As a dealer, if you have a slip of the tongue, just apologize and move on. Above all, never comment on the amount of money a customer spends.

Rich had an innocent smile on his face one day as he dealt blackjack. A player on his game …

Blackjack : Winning is Cheating

When learning to play games as kids,
The object was quite clear.
Do the best that you can do
And attend to what you hear.
The object is, of course, to win
While higher values drifted by-
But we never were warned
Nor did we suspect
That working to be the best was a lie.In a casino one night in the past
Watching '21' from the far side,
I saw a man escorted out of the room
After winning a greenback landslide.
I found out later that he'd been 'counting,'
An illegal sin per the owner's whim-
He'd simply learned how to win the game
And for that they were punishing him.

So playing to win isn't always OK,
It depends on whose making the rules.
And though we were taught that smart figuring counts
Casinos are clearly not schools.
Not in the usual sense, at least,
Where knowledge is used to achieve-
At least when it comes to playing Blackjack
If you can win, you are invited to leave.

It doesn't seem fair and it doesn't seem right
That winning is a breach of the rules,
The Casino owners and their silver-spoon progeny
Must attend very different schools.
More like the ones politicians populate,
Where laws and rules protect themselves
From losing their power, wealth or esteem
Should we happen to earn a few bucks by our work
That threatens their fat with some lean.

A gambler I have never been, but I DO know how to count,
And should I stumble up to that velvety green-
I'd use it to balance those accounts.
Casino owners and politicians.
Two peas in a pod under different conditions.…

Blackjack Do's and Don'ts with Other Players

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Blackjack is a very common game played by many people, and is very popular in casinos. A lot of people know how to play it, some know how to “play by the rules” some just play for fun. Most people in casino’s only play by the rules and people who don’t are usually not liked by other players.My first time in a casino I was just there for the fun and thrill of everything so a couple friends and I went to play some blackjack. Some people would make weird faces at me or sigh or something when i made a wrong move, I thought to myself, “its my hand why can’t I do what I want?”. Its not that easy. When people play for money in a casino it is usually by the books, or “by the rules” as we always said.

In blackjack everyone in the game is ONLY playing against the dealer. The dealer deals everyones 2 cards face up, except himself who has 1 card face up. The idea of the game is to get as close to 21 points or 21 points exactly without going over. The dealer, after dealing everyone 2 cards now addresses each person starting on his left and going clockwise asking if they want cards. Aces are worth either 1 or 11, face cards (kings, queens, and jacks) are all worth 10, and each number is worth its number. For example, I have a 2 and a 3, that equals 5, that means I wanna hit up until I think I can beat the dealer. Hitting once lets say I get a 5 now I still cant bust so I might as well hit again. Lets say I get an ace, that makes 11 or 21, 21 is the highest score so we stand on that. After the stand the dealer goes around the table asking for hits or stands, until everyone is done. Then the dealer plays his/her hand. In most cases the dealer is required to stand on 17 because of house rules.

Now lets go over playing by the rules. My theory was the first time, oh hey dealer has to play up till 17+ and stand on that maybe i should do that. That is not the case all the time. Lets say I’m sitting with a 12 and the dealer has a 6 showing. I …

How to Win in Blackjack Everytime

IntroductionBlackjack is a game; that most people think is based on pure luck; that is where you are wrong. With the tips listed below; blackjack is a game that all odds are for you!

I suppose that you all know how to play Blackjack so I will jump into the strategy!

Always remember that the house always wins the pot if the player and the dealer goes bust!


Remember which area of the game you want to exploit. If you get a natural the dealer is usually pays 1.5:1. Luckily, if the dealer gets a natural, you only lose your bet at 1:1, however if you had insurance you can get out for free. Correctly exploited; you could use these to your advantage!

Learn the game thoroughly; learn which cards that are useful to you and what cards are useful to the house or dealer. The smaller numbered cards benefits the dealer. However the house is most likely to win with smaller cards; always remember that if you don't get blackjack; this is normal as; as a player this is extremely rare.

Larger cards; definitely benefit you because if the dealer receives large cards and hits fifteen then the dealer will have to hit; which most likely will end up in the dealer going bust.

Another critical method is to learn the high and low method of counting cards. In short, every low card (2 and 6) is assigned a value of +1, every high card (10 and A) is assigned a value of -1. Other cards are neutral. If you have a high point value, then the odds are for you and against the dealer; the dealer still has to hit until he/her reaches 17; this means that the dealer will easily bust.

Online Blackjack

Online blackjack is one the rise; and where there is people there is money. This meaning that there are an endless supply of applications and software that does all of this for you. Meaning that you will be literally impossible to stop! However on some gambling sites; this may be forbidden so you may want to read the terms and conditions on some websites; or you may be kicked out!


If you are serious about winning; practise counting cards to death! Remember, that if you practise your time spent will not go to waste; as practice makes perfect. Bring all of these …