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Blackjack Billy Release New Album

See the source imageThese boys are good. Maybe a little too good by today’s country radio standards.

Blackjack Billy would kick the butt of most acts on Music Row if Music Row was serious about doing something that wasn’t crappy pop. On their album Get Some, tight harmonies and Skynyrd-influenced guitars (though they aren’t afraid to throw a banjo in there) tear it up from this band that is obviously ready for the big time if they can get a shot. These guys sound like they live to play and play to live, with songs that are easily reproduceable on stage. On cuts like “Booze Cruise,” they make acts like Luke Bryan sound sober. And since these guys are already road dogs that tour the world, they would be a great opening act for somebody this summer.

Are you listening, Sony? Universal? People were once scared of the Beatles, Alabama, Garth…not that Blackjack Billy is in any of those categories, but it’s a different time and a different world, and these guys are just what country music needs to shake things up. Their audience is waiting if someone will take a chance on them without trying to change who they are.


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