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Best Places to Play Free Online Slots

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I love playing slot machines. Doesn’t mean I go to casinos all the time though. As I mentioned in my article Gaming Tip: Get Paid to Play Slot Machines, these games are not meant to pay you back. And when you do get paid back, you should take the money and run! If you don’t live anywhere near Las Vegas or any state where gambling is legal, why not play free slots online? Some people actually hate going to casinos. Here’s an advice, why don’t you just sit in the comfort of your own home, especially on winter, and relax while playing your favorite slots? Try these freebies for fun.Freeslots

A very simple free online slots website that lets you choose between 15 major popular slots as well as 6 different types of machines (a total of 30+). You can play video poker also. You don’t have to install or download anything, just click on a machine, let it load (the better your connection, the faster it loads), and then start playing. Ok, it’s free, and you’re just playing for fun, so when you run out of credits, you can get more without actually spending a dime. actually hosts a monthly sweepstakes so if you want to join, you can just register by filling up an entry form.

Slotsmamma is straight up a really cool free online slots website. You start with 150 credits. The default game is American 3-reel slots. You can choose from a variety on the left menu of the home page. Be warned: all the free slots on their list have the same sound effects, so it can get a little tiring or annoying in the long run.


You can only play 5 free online slot games at However, if you want to access all their games (100 and counting), their subscription costs anything from $2.95 to $99.95. As a member you can chat with other players and you can play without any advertising banners distracting you.

If you’re playing for free slots games at you can win a membership in their weekly sweepstakes. All their games are original — the free ones include Black jack, Gold Rush, Love You, Summertime, and Presidents of the United States (this reminds me of old-fashioned quarter machines called Mt. Cashmore or Stars and Stripes). Depending on which machine you’re playing, you’ll start off with 200 or 1000 credits.


You can play free online slots at only if you know which links to click on their website. Some of those links are free flash games, others require you to download the game. Some games won’t load at all. The slots games come with descriptions and you’ll know the software you’re using. I’m pretty leery of installations from these software game manufacturers. I have been victimized by virus before (who else hasn’t been?), so I’ll just stick with the flash games. It seems to me it only takes playing 5 spins of any Java slots before you get this message: Visit InterCasino now and claim your 100% Match Bonus of up to $100! You can click yes or no. If you click no, you will get: Are you sure you do not want to claim your 100% Match Bonus from InterCasino? If you click no again, it will say: Thank you for playing video slots at InterCasino. Play Again.

Basically at, you have to explore the site before you get the hang of which games are free and which are not.


There are a lot of slots games at, but not all of them are free. The free online slots are located on the right side menu. They have a lot of information about the game such as history, casino reviews, tips, and strategies. You can also rate the games. If you want to play the games listed on their homepage, you will be redirected to the affiliate casino links which will ask you to download and install their software. Let me remind you that whatever you download from the Internet comes with a price, so be wary. Others will let you play instantly via flash version, but you have to sign up for an account first. If you’re not very patient, you can skip this option but by doing this you will be able to try new games. For example, lets you in like you’re playing in a real casino (with matching sound effects) but it loads pretty slow. Worse, if you get real “unlucky”, you’ll never even get to play the games at all!