Blackjack : Winning is Cheating

When learning to play games as kids,
The object was quite clear.
Do the best that you can do
And attend to what you hear.
The object is, of course, to win
While higher values drifted by-
But we never were warned
Nor did we suspect
That working to be the best was a lie.In a casino one night in the past
Watching '21' from the far side,
I saw a man escorted out of the room
After winning a greenback landslide.
I found out later that he'd been 'counting,'
An illegal sin per the owner's whim-
He'd simply learned how to win the game
And for that they were punishing him.

So playing to win isn't always OK,
It depends on whose making the rules.
And though we were taught that smart figuring counts
Casinos are clearly not schools.
Not in the usual sense, at least,
Where knowledge is used to achieve-
At least when it comes to playing Blackjack
If you can win, you are invited to leave.

It doesn't seem fair and it doesn't seem right
That winning is a breach of the rules,
The Casino owners and their silver-spoon progeny
Must attend very different schools.
More like the ones politicians populate,
Where laws and rules protect themselves
From losing their power, wealth or esteem
Should we happen to earn a few bucks by our work
That threatens their fat with some lean.

A gambler I have never been, but I DO know how to count,
And should I stumble up to that velvety green-
I'd use it to balance those accounts.
Casino owners and politicians.
Two peas in a pod under different conditions.…

Las Vegas, Nevada Microbreweries: Gambling on Finding a Good Beer

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Beer lovers can rejoice by imbibing at any number of microbreweries that have sprung up in Las Vegas over the past few years. So if you’re hopping mad or foaming at the mouth to find a unique beer in Sin City, you’re on tap to find a wide variety of home-grown brews that, bar none, compete against the major breweries.Microbreweries offer beer lovers distinctive tastes and flavors of beer that differ from the mass produced brews made by the top sellers. (You know who they are.) Both Vegas tourists and residents alike can sample any number of beers made right on site, ensuring freshness and flavor. And if you cannot make it to the actual microbrewery, many of the small beer makers’ brews are also sold in Vegas restaurants and bars.

The original Vegas microbrewery, and you have to love the name, is Big Dog’s Brewing Company (4543 N. Rancho). Originally known as Holy Cow Brewing Company, this off-Strip micro began selling suds in 1993.

The brewery is about 15 minutes off the Strip and located in Big Dog’s Draft House, which is a full service restaurant and neighborhood casino. Ales, porters, stouts and light beers are all brewed at Big Dog’s 15-barrel microbrewery establishment. In addition to the eclectic beers, Big Dog’s also serves up great Wisconsin foods including bratwurst and walleye pike, along with hamburgers, sandwiches and salads. Green Bay Packers’ fans will feel right at home in this Vegas microbrewery and restaurant.

Also off the Strip and welcoming all beer immigrants is Ellis Island (4178 Koval Lane.). This relatively small bar and casino offers a variety of gambling opportunities from slots and video poker to blackjack. And, most importantly to beer lovers, Ellis Island also houses its own microbrewery.

The brewery offers customers a number of types of beer including an American-style lager; light, dark and amber beers; and a hefe weiss, which is made with wheat and malt with the yeast left in the beer and served with a slice of lemon. For those wanting a different kind of beer, Ellis Island’s micro also makes up root beer. Ellis Island has a restaurant in addition to the bar. But maybe the best things to go along with the micro beers are stopping at the bar’s pizza stand and then heading over to the karaoke lounge to take in the amateur singers. And not only are beverages …

The Gambling Issues in Alabama Continue to Escalate

Governor Riley of Alabama had intended to spend ten minutes addressing a group of people who support his anti-gambling position. Instead what he got was a chaotic and violent clash between those supporters and former employees of now closed casinos who want their jobs back.In order to speak to the crowd the Governor had to be surrounded by Capitol police, state troopers, and legislative security officers on the steps of the State House. Signs were raised from both sides and ranged from “Thank you Bob Riley for upholding the law” to “Impeach Governor Adolf Hitler.” The chaos and frenzy between the opponents is starting to look and feel an awful lot like to clashes during the days of segregation.

The rowdy rally was reported extensively by the Mobile Press Register on February 24th ( .The Register has long supported a referendum to rewrite the state constitution. A document over 100 years old, written when blacks and females had no voice at all, which now has over 800 amendments, cannot seem to make it out of the House for fear that legalized gambling (among other things) would be included in the changes. Yesterday the House again voted 58-32 against a resolution to hold a referendum during the Nov.2 general election to rewrite the constitution.

A private citizen, Luther S. Pate IV, took out a full page ad in the Register today which he called a public notice to John Tyson and Bob Riley. In reads ATTENTION CRIME FIGHTERS!! And goes on to tell his intended audience that the cruise ships that come into the port of Mobile have Slot Machines, Crap Tables, Black Jack and Roulette and that if the Governor feels every gambling machine that does not belong to the Indians should be confiscated, then the ones on the cruise ships should be also. Clearly the ad is meant to get the cruise ship owners to become a part of this fight to protect their interests. But no one actually believes that any such action would take place because of the financial value the cruise lines have to Alabama.

In a previous article  I stress my concern for the seriousness of this conflict. Millions of dollars and thousands of jobs are at stake. The fact that the Governor needs to be surrounded by security to speak to his constituents for 10 minutes clearly shows how the concern for …

Free Video Poker

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Unlike slot machines, video poker requires a degree of skill, at least if one wishes to better his odds. In standard slot machines, there are no decisions the player can make to influence the outcome of the spin. In video poker, as in most table games, the player has a chance to better the odds of ending up with a winning hand.

Most video poker consists of variations on a standard draw game. Betting is usually not a factor, but knowing which cards to hold and discard is. Being aware of the odds of getting a particular hand increases the chances of making smart draw choices and thus winning more hands.


Jacks or Better

There are plenty of books and sites to consult for advice on knowing which cards to hold in video poker, but there is no substitute for experience. Playing hand after hand and learning from the outcomes will quickly turn a novice into a pro. With free video poker, this learning curve need not cost a dime.

The Internet has many online venues for free video poker, so a bus ticket to Atlantic City and a roll of quarters are no longer necessary. Once one gets a few hundred free video poker hands under his belt, he may wish to step up to the version of a game in which real money can be won–and lost. Free video poker makes for a safe place to experiment in an environment in which failure can be a positive learning experience and not a blow to the wallet.…

Blackjack Do's and Don'ts with Other Players

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Blackjack is a very common game played by many people, and is very popular in casinos. A lot of people know how to play it, some know how to “play by the rules” some just play for fun. Most people in casino’s only play by the rules and people who don’t are usually not liked by other players.My first time in a casino I was just there for the fun and thrill of everything so a couple friends and I went to play some blackjack. Some people would make weird faces at me or sigh or something when i made a wrong move, I thought to myself, “its my hand why can’t I do what I want?”. Its not that easy. When people play for money in a casino it is usually by the books, or “by the rules” as we always said.

In blackjack everyone in the game is ONLY playing against the dealer. The dealer deals everyones 2 cards face up, except himself who has 1 card face up. The idea of the game is to get as close to 21 points or 21 points exactly without going over. The dealer, after dealing everyone 2 cards now addresses each person starting on his left and going clockwise asking if they want cards. Aces are worth either 1 or 11, face cards (kings, queens, and jacks) are all worth 10, and each number is worth its number. For example, I have a 2 and a 3, that equals 5, that means I wanna hit up until I think I can beat the dealer. Hitting once lets say I get a 5 now I still cant bust so I might as well hit again. Lets say I get an ace, that makes 11 or 21, 21 is the highest score so we stand on that. After the stand the dealer goes around the table asking for hits or stands, until everyone is done. Then the dealer plays his/her hand. In most cases the dealer is required to stand on 17 because of house rules.

Now lets go over playing by the rules. My theory was the first time, oh hey dealer has to play up till 17+ and stand on that maybe i should do that. That is not the case all the time. Lets say I’m sitting with a 12 and the dealer has a 6 showing. I …

11.5 Gram Poker Chips

11.5 gram poker chips are the most popular poker chips on the market. These are the chips that most casinos and professional poker players use. If you want to upgrade your current set of chips or if you need some additional chips to accommodate your growing poker group, search for poker ships online or find a gaming store in your area.

When purchasing chips, it's important to have uniformity among your supplies. The last thing you want is a disorganized mixture of different colored poker chips. This is unprofessional and creates confusion. It's also detracts from the professionalism of the clay poker chips, if you have plastic chips sprinkled among nice clay poker chips. In addition, make sure the weight of your chips is consistent; this is a seemingly minor issue, but one that makes a difference.


Where to Find 11.5 Gram Poker Chips

If you visit Las Vegas, you can venture into any one of the casinos along the strip and personally handle 11.5 gram poker chips. Again, these are the most popular chips on the market. Over the years, gamblers and poker players have accustomed themselves to this weight of chip, usually clay or some clay composite. 11.5 gram chips stack well and feel right.

When purchasing 11.5 gram chips, you might want to consider customization. A number of avid gamers get a kick out of customizing their poker chips. Some take it very seriously and customize their chips as a means of keeping track of them. Whatever your reasons, look into getting a personalized set of poker chips that reflects your philosophy of poker.…

Florida is 4th Highest Revenue from Gambling

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Florida has a Division of Business and Professional Regulations which collects a total of $2 Million from the 8 Racetrack Casinos for the expressed purpose of providing Compulsive Gambling Programming.

With an estimated 116,791(1.1%) of adults believed to presently have signs of a gambling problem, which is most likely an under estimate for the 4th ranked revenue state at $7.03 billion reported Florida is an interesting state to look at. This revenue comes from 19,462 electronic machines, 14 Indian Casinos, 8 Racetrack Casinos, Pari-mutual wagering, a state lottery and Charity gambling.

The state ranks 26th in funding at a 3 cents per capita contribution from the state and 9 cents from the Nonprofit FCCG (Florida Council on Compulsive Gambling. Florida’s Division of Business and Professional Regulation Collects $2 million total from the 8 Racetrack Casinos ($250,000 x 8) specifically to fund programs for Compulsive Gambling and contracts with FCCG for $600,000 for the operation of a hotline, responsible gambling programming at the racetrack casinos, problem gambling awareness and prevention activities. The majority of the 2013 budget ($2.35 Million) for FCCG came from grants provided by tribal Governments operating 14 casinos in the state ($1.75 Million).

Florida’s FCCG is one of the largest state affiliate of the National Council on Compulsive Gambling. It has this distinction in large part due to Budget, Staffing, and scope of services they are responsible for. Florida handled calls to the Problem Gambling Hotline for Alabama, Georgia and South Carolina in addition to 3,957 Florida callers in 2012.

As a recovering Compulsive Gambler it is concerning that part of the trainings are referred to as ‘responsible gambling programming’. Having heard from compulsive gamblers in Florida that they are encouraged to ‘manage’ the gambling, skepticism should be taken in that respect. If someone is calling because of a problem gambling this gives a false impression that it can be done without returning to the addictive state. Just as an alcoholic cannot drink and a drug addict cannot use in that manner, a gambler cannot return even a little to the gambling. Research and personal experiences have shown this to be true.…

Gambling: Genetic Tendencies or Learned Behaviour?

Many people use gambling as a form of entertainment, and for those the ability to stop is there, for a select few though, gambling becomes a major issue. Problem gambling disrupts your daily life, leading to financial hardships and problems in relationships. Millions of people are affected by this disorder and often it goes untreated even when the person seeks therapy for other problems. One of the most harmful forms of gambling is the Pathological gambler.Pathological gambler traits: A person who gambles longer than they intended, gambled away their last dollar, used the money for bills and daily life to gamble, often they try and stop but with little success. This causes depression to rise and the person to feel an uncontrollable urge to try and win back their losses. Their financial obligations are in turmoil due to the gambling addiction. If you know someone like this before everything in their life is destroyed you have to find a way to perform an intervention, to get their life back on track.

There is a misconception about gamblers, they are not weak minded individuals, and most people perceive them to be very strong in their lives and career. Often times this is true, what causes someone prone to gambling to be unable to stop are; problems at home, job stresses, relationship problems. These things all play a key role in a gambler gambling away their last dollar.

Take for instance, a woman that has become an empty nester, enjoying the peace and serenity of her home and the ability to come home from work and simply relax by herself. Now she is known to gamble however it was just a recreational past time from bingo to playing a few lotto cards and sometimes dropping a few coins into a slot machine. Now, her home is disrupted by a child moving back home and the unsuccessful attempts at maintaining a solid lifestyle. Suddenly the pressure to take care of another person is weighted down on her shoulders. She suddenly has this urge to try to make everything right in the world, so the gambling starts up again. Coin after coin is dropped into the machine hoping for the bells and whistles to sound off that she has won. But, those alerts do not come, so she continues to trudge ahead dropping more money into the machine, until the very last dollar …

Arizona Funding for Compulsive Gambling

Arizona has a balanced ranking in both revenue and treatment spending. At 20th in revenue brought in for 2012 and 15th in treatment spending for 2013, it shows a definite level of understanding. Sadly it is less reasonable when you compare the revenue ($2.41 Billion) to the spending for treatment ($2,051,300.00).

The estimated 1.6% (74,534) believed compulsive gamblers is most likely an under estimate because most people are not going to admit a problem. It is more likely hidden behind the 'recreational' gamblers reporting they don't spend more than they can afford.

Arizona Gaming in 2012 included 14,530 machines, state lottery, conventional Casino forms, wagering and the 'charitable' gaming. Thankfully, Arizona has involvement it providing a level of services to those in need.…

How to Tell If Someone Has a Gambling Problem

Are you a hard-core gambler? Do you have a problem?When I'm at the casino, usually I am there a lot out of the week, and I always see the same people gambling their money away. At first it's hard to tell who is there just to have fun, and who has a problem. But if anyone stays at a casino long enough, it is easy to spot the problem gambler. These people seem to have big problem! I am there at the casino a lot myself so I know, because I see it with my own two eyes first hand. I mean, how some of these gamblers are, by that I mean is how they become at the casino, an especially when they loose. They become extreme annoy, and start taking it out on other people around them an a specially the dealer. There are many sign of a problem gambler, they are very easy to detect because it is not normal behave that they show. There are three mean things, If your there gambling all the time, expect to win back all the money you lost, and get mad when you lose, you have a problem.

When someone has a problem, you can usually tell through their face expression, the same rules apply to anything in life. There are some easy ways to tell if someone might have a problem in gambling. Number one, If your at the casino so long that you loose track of time, forgot to eat dinner, so you pull out your casino club card and ask for comps, but you don't have enough credit so you gambler some more till you get enough. Number two, if your gambling for so long that you start to off asleep in the middle of a live game, and the dealer has to wake you up every now and than to make the decision that the dealer can't make on your behalf. Number three if you just don't know when to quit, and stay there for a few days wearing the same thing. They are always smelly and mean. They yell, hit the tables, and talk shit to the dealer and other players.

Those are the easiest things to spot, but it is what happens at home that is the real danger lies. Only one person can truly tell if they have a problem or not and that …