They Call Me the "Slot Queen"

When I am at a casino people follow me around and ask about my "secrets". I am always happy to share. I've been playing slots for years at many different places. I've figured a few things out along the way.Make friends with the Floor Attendents. Chat with them. Tip them if they watch your machine while you use the restroom. They will tell you if the machines you are interested in playing have "hit" recently.

Watch the regular players. If the regulars are playing certain machines you know those machines are the good machines.

Watch for machines getting lots of play. Machines pay out after a certain amount has been paid in. Makes sense.

Choose machines that allow you to choose the denomination – .25/.50/1.00. Start with the lowest denomination to prime the machine. Play .25 on all three different credit choices until you have played at least thirty times for each credit. Move to .50 per credit and do the same. Mix it up a little and go back to .25 for a few spins. Then, concentrate on .50 on each credit until you win. This is very important; once you win any combination of "double, triple" anything move to a different credit. Very rarely do machines hit a "double, triple" anything on the same credit twice.

More to come. Stay tuned.…

How to Be a Winner in a Blackjack Game

Have you been playing blackjack game and emerging out as a winner every time you end up playing the game? I know, the answer would bring up mixed reactions. However, the fact of the matter is that almost everyone wants to be a winner in their life in whatever they wish to do.Blackjack fun, interesting and entertaining game. Below are a few pointers which one should know before embarking his or her path to the casino, or before playing blackjack game online, in order to emerge out as a winner.

Learn and make sure you remember all the information about the basic strategies of playing blackjack. You shall never commit mathematical errors.

Before you start playing blackjack, reserve funds and make sure to sit at the tables having the right bets, so that you do not lose your money on high stakes.

It is advisable that you never bet more than 5% of your available funds. It may happen that you are on a losing streak, and the chips are not sufficient to recover those losses.

Always be prepared to lose. Never bet money with absolutely no intention of losing the game. There is no guarantee about winning when it comes to betting on any game in a casino.

Always be sure to have good manners when you are on any blackjack table, and never be offensive to the dealer. They are simply handing out the cards and doing their job. They have absolutely no control over the cards you receive.

No one should ever buy insurance when they are playing blackjack.

Always be sure to change your bet during the course of a session so that it accompanies your performance in the game. When you're winning, you should increase your bet, and when you are losing you need to lower the stakes.

Any blackjack player should know the importance of withdrawing from the game at the right time, whether they are winning or losing the game.

You should make sure that you do not appear nervous when you're inside a casino. You will find immaculate lights all over the casino, and the sound of slot machines very strong way to distract attention of the players and make them feel fascinated by the experience of the game. Do not allow the casino to have such an advantage over you in any of the games that you play.

The most terrible …

So You Wanna Be a Blackjack Dealer

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How would you like a job where people blow smoke in your face, and a few even call you names under their breath as you take their money? Add to that, the fact that you get to work on weekends, holidays, and all hours of the day and night. Welcome to the ‘glamorous’ world of casino blackjack dealing. Along with its drawbacks, however, this job can provide a comfortable income and an opportunity for world travel. It also serves as a stepping-stone in the hierarchy of casino careers.Blackjack dealers are adept at maneuvering cards, money, and casino chips; they should fully understand the rules of the game, “21.” Employees generally alternate between dealing a blackjack game for 40 to 60 minutes, and then taking a 20-minute break. Rich broke in as a casino blackjack dealer in downtown Las Vegas in the 1970s. He dealt other games as well. He was a second-generation dealer. Most Las Vegas dealers pay their dues at downtown casinos with the hope of moving on to the “the strip” to make better money at impressive venues. Rich thought dealing would be an interesting way to make a living, so he gave it a try and shares some of his experiences here.

Casino odds favor the house; therefore, dealers are expected to keep the games moving. Rich learned that point early on. There were blackjack novices on his table who asked questions, so he started to explain the finer points of the game to them. Apparently, he stopped dealing for too long-a cardinal sin in a casino. He was taken off the game by an older pit boss, “Son, you are being paid to deal, not to give long explanations. You’re costing the house money.” Needless to say, his future lessons to the customers were not long-winded, since he concentrated on keeping the game moving.

Dealers should be cautious of what they say to patrons. An elderly man and a younger woman were on one game. “Sir, where are you and your daughter from?” the dealer asked The man snarled back, “This is not my daughter; we are together.” As a dealer, if you have a slip of the tongue, just apologize and move on. Above all, never comment on the amount of money a customer spends.

Rich had an innocent smile on his face one day as he dealt blackjack. A player on his game …

Gambling Places in Cherokee North Carolina

Harrahs located at lucky 777 Casino Dr. Cherokee NC. This is located in the Great Smokey Mountains, on the Cherokee Indian reservation. There is no alcohol served at this casino or in the hotel room's mini bars.The luxury Hotel that is attached to the casino is a 15 story 576 rooms. You can stay and walk to the casino to play. All rooms have hair dryers, coffee makers, and 32 inch televisions.

Cherokee art is shown throughout the walkways from the covered parking area to the casino, the main lobby at the hotel shows beautiful artwork of the tribes.

Cherokee Casino has several restaurants, Selu Garden Café which is casual serves steak, sandwiches seafood, and pasta, The Café is opened for breakfast serving pancakes or omelets. You can eat at buffet style at the Fresh Market Buffet, which is casual dining; they always have a wonderful selection of choices. This is located at the edge of the casino you can hear the games from inside the restaurant. Fresh Market Express is a quick deli that is opened 24 hours a day located right beside Fresh Market Buffet. The Club Cappuccino, a coffee bar that offers Danishes, and is a quick stopping place in the morning on your way to casino from your room. One restaurant is getting remodeled. Seven Sisters steakhouse will close the end of May then reopen at a later date as Seven Sisters lounge. There will also be a new restaurant opening in June, Sycamores on the Creek.

Harrahs offers a reward card that you want to sign up for, its free, and the more you use your card the more rewards you can get. Check with the Customer Service at the Casino for your card. Then check out the games.

Harrahs is Video Gaming, they have hundred of video gaming machines, and there are the slot machines which have the favorite games like Sizzlin' 7s and red, white & Blues. There are Keno Machines, as well as many poker machines. You can play Jokers Wild, Shamrocks, and regular poker. There is Digital Blackjack.

You can bet as little as .25 on the games, the quarter machines are located throughout the casino. The casino also has a high rolling area where the minimum bet is $5.00. The jackpots vary by games.

There is a Pavilion at the rear of the casino, Willie Nelson, Wayne Newton has played …

How to Keep Home Daycare Slots Filled Year-Round

If you run a home daycare and you find that you often have spots that are open and you want to know how to fill them just follow these three simple steps. By identifying strategies to keep your home daycare slots filled, you will keep yourself from losing money throughout the year. It may not seem like a big deal that you have a spot open for any period of time, however small amount of money adds up to large amounts of money over time.

  1. Market consistently.

Do not place ads and fliers on the Internet or in the community only when your spots are open. You should have ads, fliers, and business cards circulating at all times. This is the number one mistake that home daycare providers make when it comes to marketing. If you wait until your spot is open to start marketing and it takes you weeks to fill it, then you're guaranteed to lose money. However, if you are always marketing then you always be in contact with parents and prospects. So much so that you can start a waiting list. That way, when it's time to fill your empty space you already have someone to fill it.

  1. Offer incentives for referrals.

Talk to the parents of the children that you already care for. Offer them attractive incentives to send new parents your way. Word-of-mouth marketing works the best and it is absolutely free. You can offer parents a small discount off one week of care for their child or a $5 or $10 gift card to a local gas station or store.

  1. Market directly to your target families.

Instead of placing ads and hoping that someone sees them, why not go directly to the source? If you live near a large employer such as a hospital or university, then take one afternoon to distribute cards or fliers directly to them. Print off 200 fliers and distribute them on the cars in the parking lot of the hospital or university.

Hopefully, you will start to be creative about what other ways you could market consistently. Over time, you will find that you have built up a wait list that you can fill your home daycare spots with. Even if you are not able to build up a weight list, the parents in your area will become familiar with you, which will make it much easier and …

Delaware Gambling Revenue Ranked 35th

Delaware has an estimated 9,938(1.4%) of adults believed to presently have signs of a gambling problem. This is, much like any state estimate, undoubtedly low. Many people are unlikely to be willing to answer questions honestly. As a recovering Compulsive Gambler myself, I can assure you that I did not think I had a problem until I could no longer deny it.

The state brings in $1.21 billion in reported revenue from gambling. This ranks 35th in the U.S.. This revenue is from 6,539 electronic machines, 3 Indian casinos, Pari-mutual wagering, charitable gaming, a traditional, Video and internet lotteries.

Delaware has gone above and beyond in funding treatment with funding $1.42 per capita between public and private investment. Delaware is the "top dog" as far as funding help which placed them in 1st place for 2013.…

Poker Tables

Poker tables are a man’s best friend. Yeah, we tend to like dogs and beer and beef jerky and football, but poker truly separates the men from the boys, the players from the pretenders, and the strong from the weak. Moreover, it’s an incredibly fun game that enhances friendships and adds a little variety to an otherwise typical weekend.

When I was growing up, my parents would play poker with their friends using the kitchen table. They had fun but consistently complained about having to play on that table. It just didn’t feel right for them or others playing on the table. The kitchen table is for eating dinner, discussing family issues, and having pointless arguments about whose turn it is to wash the dishes. Save the bluffing, head games, booze, and testosterone for the poker tables.


Poker Tables for the Space Conscious

My parents were reluctant to buy poker tables because they didn’t have room in their house for one. With three kids, three dogs and a cat, the house was packed full of toys, furniture, appliances, and plenty of other things for three kids to ruin. A poker table would have surely fallen victim to one of my many shenanigans.

My parents eventually made a compromise and purchased a fold away poker table. They were able to store it in an area of the garage, an area safe from my rambunctious hands. I eventually inherited this poker table and took it with me to college where I protected it like it was my first born child. Today I own a high roller full-size Texas hold’em table that doubles as a decorative piece of furniture.…

Texas Holdem Tables

Texas Holdem tables are the hot poker products right now. Riding on the coattails of the World Series of Poker, Texas Holdem has surpassed blackjack, roulette, and craps in popularity. Wannabe players watch professional poker players intimidate their opponents with stern looks and steely eyes, and they create this romanticized perception of the game. Their minds take them back to saloons in the Old West.

I readily admit, I'm fascinated with the professional poker players and the World Series of Poker. What fascinates me is how these players withstand the pressure of betting so much money. They manage to do this without tipping their hands. I get excited when I'm dealt a pair of twos, and these guys can sit on a full-house without cracking a smile.

Texas Holdem Tables in Your Game Room

People are getting tired of blowing all their money in Las Vegas. Texas Holdem tables give gamers the opportunity to experience the Vegas feel without having to leave their houses. Granted, nothing matches the energy of Las Vegas–the food, the entertainment, the gambling, the free drinks, the elaborate casinos, and the great hotels. Las Vegas can never be duplicated.

Buying a gaming table is the closest thing many people can do to bring Las Vegas into their homes. They can invite friends over to play a few hands and bet a few dollars. Texas Holdem tables are great for parties and serious poker games. If you like the idea of owning a gaming table, look for a table that converts into different types of gaming tables, so you and your guests are not limited to one game. If that doesn't work out, buy the one that suits you favorite game.…

Authentic Poker Chips

Many avid gamblers contend that the 11.5 gram poker chips are the true authentic poker chips. This is the most popular sized chip and the chips most Las Vegas and Atlantic City casinos use at their poker tables. Many say, "Poker chips are poker chips. Who cares what the chips are made of and how much they weigh?" That depends on who you talk to.

If you are a freshman at a state college chugging beer and smoking cheap cigars in your dorm room, plastic poker chips probably qualify as authentic poker chips. If you are a seasoned card player who owns a home, a poker table, and hosts a weekly poker game, 13 gram clay poker chips probably qualify as the real thing. Personally, I've fallen into both groups at specific points in my life.


Authentic Poker Chips Make a Difference

My personal criterion for authentic poker chips is that they be made of clay or some clay composite. These chips have a very specific feel to them and they tend to stack neatly. The real clay poker chips, however, are hard to come by these days. These poker chips have a tendency to break, even the highly compressed custom ones. To rectify this, manufacturers began making clay composite chips.

Consistency is the most important consideration when it comes to your poker chips. Informal poker players often hold on to various poker chips sets over time, frequently mixing the sets when large games form. This is not a good idea considering most sets come in different designs and colors. It's best to have one large set, even if you only play on occasion, because with poker image is everything.…

How to Find Out About Las Vegas Slot Tournaments

On the surface, Las Vegas slot tournaments seem like secret events only open to people in the know. The reality however, is that by doing a little bit of research in advance, you can find slot tournaments in Las Vegas that are offering just what you're looking for.If you're in the process of planning your Las Vegas vacation, and want to know what slot tournaments are taking place during your trip, the first thing you need to do is visit Here, you can do a search of all available slot tournaments taking place during the dates that you specify. You will also be able to find out if any entry fees apply and what prizes are available.

If you're not the technical type and you want to take advantage of slot tournament action, the best thing to do is apply for a player's club card at the casinos that you visit. In addition to earning points that you can redeem for cash and comps at the hotel, player's club members are often eligible for members only slot tournaments.

Some smaller casinos, like Casino Royale, hold public slot tournaments to attract new players to their casino. While free slot tournaments don't normally offer large cash prizes, you can often win fun prizes like t-shirts and other hotel swag.

Aside from promotional slot tournaments, you will also find plenty of fee based slot tournaments when you search on The entry fee for these tournaments normally goes towards the cash prizes for tournament winners.

When it comes time to play in your first Vegas slot tournament, you can expect the tournament to operate in one of two ways:

Timed Tournaments

In these tournaments you are seated at a special slot machine with unlimited credits. You will be given a pre-determined amount of time (usually five minutes) in which to play maximum credit pulls on the slot machine. Any winning combinations you get while playing accumulate as points (not redeemable as cash) and at the end of the allotted time, a casino employee calculates each player's points. Depending on the number of players, you may play additional rounds, but ultimately, the player with the most points wins the grand prize.

Credit Based Tournaments

These tournaments are similar to timed tournaments except instead of a pre-allotted amount of time, you get a predetermined number of credits to play. In this case, you may …