Authentic Poker Chips

Many avid gamblers contend that the 11.5 gram poker chips are the true authentic poker chips. This is the most popular sized chip and the chips most Las Vegas and Atlantic City casinos use at their poker tables. Many say, "Poker chips are poker chips. Who cares what the chips are made of and how much they weigh?" That depends on who you talk to.

If you are a freshman at a state college chugging beer and smoking cheap cigars in your dorm room, plastic poker chips probably qualify as authentic poker chips. If you are a seasoned card player who owns a home, a poker table, and hosts a weekly poker game, 13 gram clay poker chips probably qualify as the real thing. Personally, I've fallen into both groups at specific points in my life.


Authentic Poker Chips Make a Difference

My personal criterion for authentic poker chips is that they be made of clay or some clay composite. These chips have a very specific feel to them and they tend to stack neatly. The real clay poker chips, however, are hard to come by these days. These poker chips have a tendency to break, even the highly compressed custom ones. To rectify this, manufacturers began making clay composite chips.

Consistency is the most important consideration when it comes to your poker chips. Informal poker players often hold on to various poker chips sets over time, frequently mixing the sets when large games form. This is not a good idea considering most sets come in different designs and colors. It's best to have one large set, even if you only play on occasion, because with poker image is everything.