Arizona Funding for Compulsive Gambling

Arizona has a balanced ranking in both revenue and treatment spending. At 20th in revenue brought in for 2012 and 15th in treatment spending for 2013, it shows a definite level of understanding. Sadly it is less reasonable when you compare the revenue ($2.41 Billion) to the spending for treatment ($2,051,300.00).

The estimated 1.6% (74,534) believed compulsive gamblers is most likely an under estimate because most people are not going to admit a problem. It is more likely hidden behind the 'recreational' gamblers reporting they don't spend more than they can afford.

Arizona Gaming in 2012 included 14,530 machines, state lottery, conventional Casino forms, wagering and the 'charitable' gaming. Thankfully, Arizona has involvement it providing a level of services to those in need.