Poker Software

There are a plethora of opportunities that the Internet provides to play poker against real live opponents–for money and for fun. Despite this, many people prefer to practice their game in a relative vacuum. Desperate to keep up with the public’s insatiable desire for all things poker, many software developers have come up with poker software that allows just this type of solo exploration of the sport.

Poker software is available for both Macs and PCs, as well as on most video game consoles. These software packages offer many different games, but tend to focus on Texas Holdem, the undisputed champion of current poker trends. Learning from and practicing on this software allows players to proceed at their own pace, without feeling any pressure from other opponents.

Play to Win

Some of these poker software programs do allow for multi-player games, so budding gamblers can test their mettle against their peers when they are good and ready. When connected via voice programs such as those in Xbox live, players can even talk to each other as they play. Unfortunately, most store-bought poker software does not allow competition for real money.

Online gambling casinos sometimes offer free software to download in order to play poker and other games at their sites. In these cases, installing the software on the player’s computer speeds up games considerably and is used more as a means to an end rather than a stand-alone consumer product. When this casino form of poker software is used, players can compete against one another for real money.…

Best Online Slots? it Depends on Your Tastes

Online gamblers are always asking who has the best online slots. Well, the fact is that it depends entirely on what kind of online slots you like. I’ll explain the differences between the different types of online slots in this article. However, before you even think about depositing money into an online casino, you should first visit an Online Gambling Site Analyzer like Slot Pulsa to make sure you’re not going to get ripped off.

Types of Online Slots

When it comes to deciding who has the best online slots, you need to first determine what you like. Some of the best online slots offer side bets, mini-games, free spins and special jackpots. But, this is really only window dressing meant to capture your attention. In reality, there are only three different types of online slots available.

3-Wheel Online Slots

These are the basic slots you see in most any ordinary casino. They have only three wheels and one, single payout line straight across the middle. Most people do not consider these to be the best online slots because they feel that they are too simple and don’t offer enough payout possibilities.

Multi-line Online Slots

Many people argue that these are the best online slots because they offer multiple pay lines that can run vertically, horizontally, and sometimes offer payouts when no reels match. People like the small steady payouts, however, these online slots don’t necessarily payout more as a whole.

Progressive Online Slots

Gamblers who like massive jackpots usually argue that these types are the best online slots because they build a steady jackpot over time. Progressive online slots Come in 3-wheel and multi-line format and some have jackpots have grown to more than a million dollars!…

How Do Casinos Control the Slots?

A few common misunderstandings have been carried in and out of casinos all over the United States about how casinos control the slot machines. As a regular writer about casino related articles, I have always wondered where some of the rumors have started that have led people think about certain ways that casinos control slot machines.I would like to start off by stating that there is not a room in a casino where casino bosses can press a button to loosen or tighten the slot machines. There is not a control panel anywhere in the casinos that give the big wheels of the casinos complete control over the slot machines.

Now I am sure that there has to be some kind of suspicion when a very pretty lady strikes a jackpot on a particular slot machine. I am sure that patrons in the area might think that someone flipped a switch somewhere in a dark room in the bowels of the casino. This is simply not true.

When talking about how casinos control the slot machines, I have heard some people state that slot machines are looser during the week than they are during the weekend. To orchestrate some kind of move like this, it would take hundreds of slot technicians hours to get around to all of the slot machines. This leads us to the actual way that casinos control slot machines.

In reality, if the casinos needs to change the looseness of a slot, it has to send a slot machine technician to that specific machine to make the internal adjustments to it. There are switches or dials that are attached directly to the internal workings of the slot machine that adjust how likely the machine will pay off.

Now, there is a room in just about every casino in the world that allows the technicians and security monitor every single one of the slot machines. The information only travels in one direction, though. The information flows from the slot machines to these computers. Signals cannot go the other way.

The Nevada Gaming Commission, and other state's gaming boards, would not be happy to hear that some casino had a direct way of controlling the slot machines from one centralized location. Also, the casinos would not want this as it would set up a strong chance for someone to give a great payoff to a friend or family …

How to Win at Online Blackjack

See the source imageEver wondered how to win at online blackjack? You may think that strategy is the key, however, there’s more to it than that. If you are wondering how to win at online blackjack, you first need to know which online blackjack sites offer the best odds.You may think that all online blackjack sites are the same, but the fact is that some offer far better and fairer odds than others. In addition, you may be surprised to learn that some are even rigged to heavily favor the online blackjack site. If you wish to know how to win at online blackjack, you simply must know where to play so you will have the best chance to succeed.

An Online Gambling Site Analyzer like can tell you how to win at online blackjack by revealing which online blackjack sites are “loose” meaning that they have the best odds, or “rigged” meaning that they are heavily titled toward the house, or online gambling site.

Still, if you want to know how to win at online blackjack, you need to familiarize yourself with the basic strategies of blackjack. There’s a reason you don’t hit on a twelve when the dealer is showing a sixteen, and if you don’t know why this is, you need to learn, or you will not have a chance to win at online blackjack.

Visit’s Winning Blackjack Strategy page to learn the best ways to improve your chances so you will know how to win at online blackjack. When it comes to online gambling, knowledge is power just as in any endeavor you attempt to succeed at.…

13 Gram Poker Chips

13 gram poker chips are the heaviest chips available on the market. They feel like casino quality chips because they usually are casino quality. In fact, 13 gram poker chips are typically better than what most casinos use. Most casinos use the 11.5 gram chips that are 39mm in diameter. The 13 gram chips are a little heavier and usually a little more durable.

Durability is an important factor in determining what kind of poker chip to buy, especially if you play frequently. Those of you who regularly host poker games should make sure your chips can withstand the consistent handling. Human hands can be a destructive force, carrying with them millions of germs and other degrading substances. Poker chips are often handled aggressively, and the cheap ones just may fall victim to a poor loser.


Where to Buy 13 Gram Poker Chips

You can find 13 gram poker chips at casinos, novelty stores, gaming stores, and online gaming stores. The latter, online gaming stores, are popping up all over the Internet. If you don’t feel like driving to a gaming or novelty store, look and see what you can find on the Internet. However, be careful, do a little research, and don’t settle on a store that is not recommended by other poker enthusiasts.

Your 13 gram chips will round out your poker set. If you decide to spring for the good clay poker chips, be a sport and spring for the good poker table and all the other accessories. Believe me, good poker supplies make all the difference in the world. Don’t short change your game.…

Best Places to Play Free Online Slots

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I love playing slot machines. Doesn’t mean I go to casinos all the time though. As I mentioned in my article Gaming Tip: Get Paid to Play Slot Machines, these games are not meant to pay you back. And when you do get paid back, you should take the money and run! If you don’t live anywhere near Las Vegas or any state where gambling is legal, why not play free slots online? Some people actually hate going to casinos. Here’s an advice, why don’t you just sit in the comfort of your own home, especially on winter, and relax while playing your favorite slots? Try these freebies for fun.Freeslots

A very simple free online slots website that lets you choose between 15 major popular slots as well as 6 different types of machines (a total of 30+). You can play video poker also. You don’t have to install or download anything, just click on a machine, let it load (the better your connection, the faster it loads), and then start playing. Ok, it’s free, and you’re just playing for fun, so when you run out of credits, you can get more without actually spending a dime. actually hosts a monthly sweepstakes so if you want to join, you can just register by filling up an entry form.

Slotsmamma is straight up a really cool free online slots website. You start with 150 credits. The default game is American 3-reel slots. You can choose from a variety on the left menu of the home page. Be warned: all the free slots on their list have the same sound effects, so it can get a little tiring or annoying in the long run.


You can only play 5 free online slot games at However, if you want to access all their games (100 and counting), their subscription costs anything from $2.95 to $99.95. As a member you can chat with other players and you can play without any advertising banners distracting you.

If you’re playing for free slots games at you can win a membership in their weekly sweepstakes. All their games are original — the free ones include Black jack, Gold Rush, Love You, Summertime, and Presidents of the United States (this reminds me of old-fashioned quarter machines called Mt. Cashmore or Stars and Stripes). Depending on which machine you’re playing, …

Guide to Playing Slots

See the source imageEasily one of the most popular forms of gambling both in casinos and online is slots.With many of the other games in a casino involving interaction and high stakes, slots provide a bit of solitude for those seeking just that.

Slots allow gamers to chose how high or low stakes they want to go. Some casinos and online slots sites offer wagers as low as a penny and nickel and ranging as high as one can imagine.

Your goal as a gambler in slots is to hit the winning combinations listed on the front of the machine. Each machine will have different combinations for an escalating scale for winning. So fully read and understand the rules and prizes before plunking your change or tokens into the machine.

Increasing your wager will also increase your winnings. For example, if you hit the single BAR on quarter slots, it could pay out a dollar on a 25 cent, or one-credit bet. If you had bet 50 cents, or-two credits that would have paid out $2, 75 cents pays out $3, so on and so forth.

One of the hottest portions of the slots business is poker. The rules of poker apply to these slots. Poker slots are often video slot machines which offer a gamer many different versions of poker to play. As with the normal slots, read the rules listed on the outside of the machine or on the screen before feeding it your hard-earned coins.

Once again the appeal of video or slot poker appeals to gamers who like to go at their own pace, take a breather, have a drink or people watch for a few seconds or minutes before continuing. Playing cards at a table would require diligent attention and offer less flexibility.

Most people have either played with or seen a slot machine and those who have not can pick up on the practice quite easily. Nonetheless here are some quick hints and tips on the terminology you may see when using slots.

A button will usually say “Place bet.” This will usually be defaulted to one bet; therefore as in the above example, you would place a one-credit, 25 cent bet. You can increase the bet by hitting the button as many times until you hit the maximum bet of that particular machine. But be warned, with some machines if you wish to go back to …

Gambling Equipment

Alright, pack up your gambling equipment and get some rest. Tomorrow will be a long night of spinning, bluffing, raising, checking, drinking, smoking, pushing, and celebrating. I know it sounds tough; not everyone can handle this type of pressure. That's why you were chosen. You have the courage, tenacity, and intelligence to not only recognize a good time, but actually create one for yourself.

Calling gaming supplies "gambling equipment" makes the whole thing sound like hiking or white water rafting. While I enjoy both of these activities, I would hardly lump them into the same category. My gambling equipment consists of my cards, my poker table, my diamond poker chips, my poker chip carousel, my dealing shoes, my dice, and a few other things I can't remember.


What is Gambling Equipment?

Again, equipment and gambling do not belong in the same sentence, but many gamblers insist on formalizing the hobby. For many, gambling isn't simply a hobby; it's a career choice. There are a handful of professional poker players and blackjack players who make a living on the gaming tables. They carefully calculate odds and stick to well-defined routines.

To be a successful professional gambler, you have to have remarkable discipline. As the Kenny Rogers song goes, "You got to know when to walk away and know when to run." This is the most important rule of gambling–knowing when to quit. Someone needs to create a piece of gambling equipment that tells people when to get up from the table and leave.…

Online Poker Tournaments

The online community has embraced poker and built a whole internet subculture around it. Veteran enthusiasts and recent converts alike realized that the Web had the capacity to transform their hobby, as it had so many others. Poker no longer needed to be about having a group of friends who lived nearby; it became a pastime aligned along the lines of passion and not geography.

So as more and more poker is played in cyberspace, it makes sense that online poker begins to mimic the analog world in other ways as well. Online poker tournaments have cropped up, allowing the best online poker players to compete against each other without having to spring for airfare and hotel costs. These tournaments attract stellar players and the pots that are won can be large indeed.


Democracy in Action

There is something pure about a tournament in which the opponents need not even be in the same space to compete against one another. These online tournaments are true meritocracies, where one's appearance, background and experience do not matter. The only thing that determines the winner is the quality of his or her play.

Poker sites provide all the relevant details about the various online poker tournaments being held. There are tournaments for players of all skill levels and financial means. Online poker tournaments have not yet reached the level of importance of the World Series of Poker, but at the rate they are growing, that day might not be far off.…

Blackjack Billy Release New Album

See the source imageThese boys are good. Maybe a little too good by today’s country radio standards.

Blackjack Billy would kick the butt of most acts on Music Row if Music Row was serious about doing something that wasn’t crappy pop. On their album Get Some, tight harmonies and Skynyrd-influenced guitars (though they aren’t afraid to throw a banjo in there) tear it up from this band that is obviously ready for the big time if they can get a shot. These guys sound like they live to play and play to live, with songs that are easily reproduceable on stage. On cuts like “Booze Cruise,” they make acts like Luke Bryan sound sober. And since these guys are already road dogs that tour the world, they would be a great opening act for somebody this summer.

Are you listening, Sony? Universal? People were once scared of the Beatles, Alabama, Garth…not that Blackjack Billy is in any of those categories, but it’s a different time and a different world, and these guys are just what country music needs to shake things up. Their audience is waiting if someone will take a chance on them without trying to change who they are.


This review first appeared at…

They Call Me the "Slot Queen"

When I am at a casino people follow me around and ask about my "secrets". I am always happy to share. I've been playing slots for years at many different places. I've figured a few things out along the way.Make friends with the Floor Attendents. Chat with them. Tip them if they watch your machine while you use the restroom. They will tell you if the machines you are interested in playing have "hit" recently.

Watch the regular players. If the regulars are playing certain machines you know those machines are the good machines.

Watch for machines getting lots of play. Machines pay out after a certain amount has been paid in. Makes sense.

Choose machines that allow you to choose the denomination – .25/.50/1.00. Start with the lowest denomination to prime the machine. Play .25 on all three different credit choices until you have played at least thirty times for each credit. Move to .50 per credit and do the same. Mix it up a little and go back to .25 for a few spins. Then, concentrate on .50 on each credit until you win. This is very important; once you win any combination of "double, triple" anything move to a different credit. Very rarely do machines hit a "double, triple" anything on the same credit twice.

More to come. Stay tuned.…

How to Be a Winner in a Blackjack Game

Have you been playing blackjack game and emerging out as a winner every time you end up playing the game? I know, the answer would bring up mixed reactions. However, the fact of the matter is that almost everyone wants to be a winner in their life in whatever they wish to do.Blackjack fun, interesting and entertaining game. Below are a few pointers which one should know before embarking his or her path to the casino, or before playing blackjack game online, in order to emerge out as a winner.

Learn and make sure you remember all the information about the basic strategies of playing blackjack. You shall never commit mathematical errors.

Before you start playing blackjack, reserve funds and make sure to sit at the tables having the right bets, so that you do not lose your money on high stakes.

It is advisable that you never bet more than 5% of your available funds. It may happen that you are on a losing streak, and the chips are not sufficient to recover those losses.

Always be prepared to lose. Never bet money with absolutely no intention of losing the game. There is no guarantee about winning when it comes to betting on any game in a casino.

Always be sure to have good manners when you are on any blackjack table, and never be offensive to the dealer. They are simply handing out the cards and doing their job. They have absolutely no control over the cards you receive.

No one should ever buy insurance when they are playing blackjack.

Always be sure to change your bet during the course of a session so that it accompanies your performance in the game. When you're winning, you should increase your bet, and when you are losing you need to lower the stakes.

Any blackjack player should know the importance of withdrawing from the game at the right time, whether they are winning or losing the game.

You should make sure that you do not appear nervous when you're inside a casino. You will find immaculate lights all over the casino, and the sound of slot machines very strong way to distract attention of the players and make them feel fascinated by the experience of the game. Do not allow the casino to have such an advantage over you in any of the games that you play.

The most terrible …